Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Subjects Of Memoirs I Will Not Be Reading

  • I used to do drugs, but now I don’t (but I still secretly do).
  • Rich people have problems, too.
  • Gambling, huh?
  • My rise through the Social Media jungle.
  • Daddy was a mobster.
  • Mommy was a monster.
  • Or maybe the dog rescued me?
  • Failing Upwards: The Melissa Mayer Story.
  • My life in surfing, featuring 400 pages of describing waves.
  • Growing up middle-class and gay in modern suburban America.
  • I felt like I didn’t fit in at Yale.
  • It’s about hip-hop, and it’s by an Asian guy.


  1. Do not read any of those books.

    Here are some more comments, apropos of nothing besides being about what is left of the Grateful Dead.

    Notes from the road.. Cinci and Deer Creek.

    Shakedown street is in effect. The sweet chili chicken wraps are good, The tacos are horrible, that guy was really high, the taco shells were uncooked and fell apart.

    John Mayer, I love to see him in the band. I just hate remembering that he is John Mayer. He needs a new name. He needs a guru, or a kesey, or you ToTD to give him a new name for his new life.

    The real raggedy street kids, seem more raggedy than ever. It might be that the gap between them and myself has grown. Regardless they look like children from Dickens’ novels more than they used to.

    Johns main ally in the band seems to be Jeff, the two of them must be sharing groupies or cocaine or something because they are always smiling conspiratorially at each other


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