“You’re onna with Donna.”

“Oh, no. I dialed the wrong number. Hi, Mrs. Donna Jean. Can I talk to John?”

“There’s no John here.”

“Can I talk to Josh?”

“Hold on.”

“You’re on with John.”

“I’m starting to think that you’re the bad influence on them, and not the other way around.”

“Katy? What’s up?”

katy perry checkerboard

“Explain your style-biting, John.

“Jesus, you too? I wear one tablecloth and everybody loses their minds. Do you have fruit in your hair?”

“Where should I keep it?”

“Katy, I’m playing Fenway Park. Can I call you back?”

“Is that the baseball stadium?”


“That’s great for you. I think I played the football stadium last time I was there. Which is bigger?”

“The baseball stadium or the football stadium?”

“Which holds more people?”

“I’m hanging up now.”