“Hold me, Bon Jovi.”

“You can call me Jon, Secretary Clinton.”

“And you can call me anything you want, Bon Jovi.”

“Where’s your left hand?”

“Where mama wants it to be.”

“Ma’am, I’m a married man.”

“Marriage means so many things to so many people. Just ask Bill. You still have those leather pants you used to wear?”

“Mrs. Clinton.”

“I’m a COWboy…”

“Oh, please don’t do this.”

“–on a STEE-uhl horse I ride.”

“I’m begging you.”

“And I’m wanted–”

“And I’m wanted–”

“If you don’t sing with me, I’ll have you buried next to Vince Foster.”


“Dead or aliiiiive. I love you, Bon Jovi.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”