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Such A Winter’s Day


To whom?

Well, the nice people for a start. And then the talented stars. Those stars are so talented, and they give your talent to you for free, in exchange for money and status.

That’s not free.

You ever given Adele any money?

The Adele that’s my mother, or the singer?

The singer.


So, it’s free for you. Why don’t you play some Adele? Oh, that woman’s pipes are only rivaled by her no-nonsense attitude.

I love Adele, man. Every single one of her songs is not a repetitive dirge.

Not at all!

You’re right: here’s Adele from last night’s Grammy show.

You’re gonna do this all day?


Not Adele. Eddie Hazel doing California Dreamin’.

No? Must have mis-typed the URL.



  1. It’s as if you’re trying to diminish the significance of the Grammy Awards.

  2. Of course not. The nominees are picked entirely or talent. There’s no politics or popularity contest at all.

  3. Haha excellent! We have tried our hand at a cover of Adele’s song ‘Hello’…again, pretty different from the original (and a very raw recording). If you’re interested give it a listen to and see what you think.

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