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Suits, As Ranked By Sexy

  1. Nudie suit.
  2. Jumpsuit, NASA.
  3. Jumpsuit, Elvis.
  4. Three-piece, bespoke. (A wider pinstripe is in now. Perhaps a dark blue with the proper shoe.)
  5. Racing suit, old school.
  6. Wetsuit worn by incredibly hot person that has been tailored for them to look hot in.
  7. Racing suit, modern. (The new suits are made of fifteen layers of nomex and kevlar and have all sorts of electronics woven into them; too bulky.)
  8. Batsuit.
  9. Spacesuit. (The actual going-out-into-space outfit with the fishbowl helmet. The designers weren’t thinking about being fashion-forward, but still: not sexy.)
  10. Wetsuit worn by normal human.
  11. Orange prison jumpsuit, unless you have the right complexion to pull it off.
  12. Bomb disposal suit.
  13. Hazmat suit.
  14. Bright-yellow atmosphere suit worn by the CDC doctors gathered at your bedside.


  1. This is my Uncle, he sure knew how to rock an old school race suit.

  2. Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs

  3. Law

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