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Summer Fades

billy dark thoughts bonnaroo

“Skank’s changed, Ass.”

Hey, Billy.

“Not like the old days. Skank ran wild and free, from here to the horizon. Or at least out into the hallway.”

Y’know, none of you used to talk.

“And tougher back then. Skank today is too sensitive, man. Too politically correct.”

Please don’t say–

“We need to make skank great again.”

–make skank…dammit, Billy. You’re getting weird.

“Kids today don’t know what skank means.”

I don’t think we’ve ever precisely defined it.

“Skank! Carpets with cigarette burns, and knees with rug burns, and dental hygienists with pills in their purses, and wandering around the pool in nothing but sunglasses and cowboy boots, and smoking in elevators, and high heels with tight Jordache jeans, and day drinking in bars with coke dealers, and tuggers in the van, and halter tops, and tube tops, and crop tops, and fuckin’ SKANK, man!”

Yeah, okay.




  1. Circle Jerks made me want Skank before I knew what it was.

  2. was goin to say ’em were the good ol’ days but comment before left me speechless. wasn’t that a punk band back in the 80’s

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