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Super Bill

Is everyone miserable today?

“You ever think about skank gone by, Ass?”


“When I was a kid, there’d be great flocks of skank blotting out the sky. You could reach up and grab one.”


“And then you take it out and stick it in.”


“Super Bowl was fun.”

You watched it?

“I went! Lotta fun.”

Wait, you paid for Super Bowl tickets?

“Fuck, no. I haven’t paid for a ticket in…ever.”

Sounds right.

“Me and Bobby go way back.”

Yeah, you’ve been in a band together for 50 years.

“Not Weir. Bobby Kraft.”

You know Robert Kraft?

“Big Deadhead. Used to hang out with him when we were played Boston. He’d rent us a Duck Boat. Guess what we called it?”

Fuck Boat.

“How’d you guess?”

Had a feeling.

“Krafty’s a poonhound. Me and Brent would meet him at the free clinic in Brookline and pick up Jewish girls with herpes.”


“Then we’d hop on the Red Line.”

Red Line doesn’t go to Brookline. That’s the Green Line.

“I wasn’t talking about the T. I meant we would plow some menstruaters.”


“It’s natural!”

Whatever. How was the game?

“Back and forth, back and forth.”

Not really. Falcons were up, then the Pats came back.

“No, I meant I was giving it to two chicks at once.”

Did you even watch?

“Course I watched! Made everyone else in the suite watch, too.”

Did you see the halftime show?

“Yeah, what’s her name? Bunny Foofoo?”

Lady Gaga.

“Art school girls. Always a fun two weeks until they try to stab you.”

Did you see any of the game at all? What about the comeback?

“Nah, I came on her tits.”

We’re done.


  1. That picture, and the picture of the lungfish share a certain compositional style.

    Does Blakesburg get high and hang out at the aquarium?

  2. “You ever think about skank gone by, Ass?”

    Among the funniest lines in the history of these bloggings.

  3. Art school girls, will try to stab you, Jennifer Wright, (skank gone by).

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