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Surprise, Not Dead

Faith No More doesn’t get the credit they should: The Real Thing came out in ’89, and then the entire 90’s sounded just like that, but not as good. Plus: all songs about draculas are awesome, and this song is about draculas.


  1. Russell Morris recorded Johnny Young’s tune The Real Thing in 1969, produced by Molly Meldrum, delivering the most impressive psychedelic single ever produced in Oz, reaching the national No 1 spot. It soared up the charts in New York and Chicago too.

    Midnight Oil cut it in 2000, and named an album after it.

    In an alternate universe, Grateful Dead played it at their 1973 Cloudland Ballroom show in Brisbane.

  2. Should add it was 6 minutes 20 seconds on the single release.

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