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Sweet Child Of Shrine

And for those of you who don’t care much for the current state of affairs, there’s always 1/11/78 from the Shrine in Los Angeles. This show has been recommended by Mr. Completely and described as “very 1978,” so take that as a caveat or entreaty.

Garcia’s just over the laryngitis that turned the previous few shows into Bobby-and-Donna fests and he’s scratchy but killing it on the guitar. Worth a spin.


  1. If Mr.Completely recommends it I’m sure it’s a great show.

    • it’s a good show with some great moments, particularly in the Garcia Shreds area, and some off kilter ones, which is what I mean by “very 1978”. Mostly notable for one of the last classic era St. Stephens I guess

  2. Also worth checking out 1/18/78 – underrated and a patchy recording, but a truly weird Playin and strange placement for Estimated.

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