Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Swinging Party

hippie chicks

My Lord, look at your necks.

“We’re like giraffes in comfortable pants.”

“And more accessories.”

Hippie chicks love accessories. Where are you?

“Rainbow Gathering. Don’t ask us our names.”

“We won’t tell you. It’s a whole thing.”

What if I just call you Dream and Sunshine?

“How did you know our names?”

“Are you with the government, or are you Jesus?”

Both. Wow, Rainbow Gathering. Hardcore.

“It’s like the grad school version of a Dead show.”

“It’s just the lot. No band, just a forest full of Shakedown and all that entails.”

Awesome and enticing.

“Drum circles/orgies.”

“Orgies/drum circles.”

A to Z and back again. Nice.

“Then there’s the salutes to the sun.”

“And the moon. All of nature, really.”

What form do these salutes take?


“Drum circles.”

You gals are a hoot Ever been to Wildwood, New Jersey? I’ll win you both a mirror with Ratt’s logo on it.

“Sure, but let us tell our friend For Fuck’s Sake.”

That’s someone’s name? Why?

“Scroll down.”

rando swinging child

Oh, for fuck’s sake.



  1. Would the ladies prefer it in wood grain?

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