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Do You Know What The Street Value Of This Mountain Is?

I just don’t understand why you’re here.

“I can’t take a vacation?”

Sure, you can. But you’re at a ski resort in non-ski clothing. If you skied, you would have a custom coverall with Stealies  all over it. You look like a guy schlepping down to Kossar’s to get bialys.

“Have you ever heard a mountain? So many sounds just waiting to be recorded.”

Please don’t turn the mountain into a drum.



“The ski lift.”


“When you hit the support cable with a hammer, it makes the most amazing noise.”

Don’t hit the support cable, Mickey. With anything, let alone a hammer.

“It’s perfectly safe.”

How so?

“No one’s died yet.”

That isn’t what makes something safe.

“The snow is very fluffy, too.”

People are still using the lift while you’re doing this?

“They increase the resonance! Their bodies are like echo chambers.”

I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.


Just Here For The Fresh Powder

Louise Mensch just accused Mickey’s hat of being a Russian operative.


Mickey doesn’t ski. Those are “guy who doesn’t ski” clothes, and I can’t even make fun of him because that’s exactly what I wear when it’s cold. (Except for the track pants. I don’t know why Mickey’s wearing Adidas track pants. Maybe his pants are also Russian operatives.)

You Don’t Wanna Go Raga

Okay, Enthusiasts, we have some answers. Not all, but some.

This picture that I posted yesterday is indeed Graceland: this is in the backyard where Elvis, his stillborn twin Jesse, and their parents are buried. The date is 4/3/95; the Dead had shows at The Pyramid in Memphis on the 1st and 2nd of April, and took the day to go to Graceland before truckin’ up to Birmingham.


Graceland. Memphis, Tennessee.

Was Garcia’s traveling partner nine years old, and a child of his first marriage?

No. He took the drummers.

Not as poetic.

Not nearly. A poster on says this:

Billy’s all the way on the left of the pic, and Mickey is in the yellow non-Dead shirt next to Garcia. (Mickey tried the Merch Yoink at the Graceland gift shop and was tackled by four Elvis impersonators.) And that might be Bobby behind the column. It also might not be.

Whether or not the band sang Heartbreak Hotel in three-part harmony is unknown.

May The Four Seasons Blow You Safely Home

The strangest and most wonderful things get thrown over the transom here at Fillmore South: Enthusiasts have sent in never-before published pictures of the band, and streams so multitudinous that if they flowed into one another many villages would drown, and little-seen videos from the depths of YouTube.

But now this:


This, Enthusiasts, is the “Grateful Dead Menu” from the Washington D.C. Four Seasons; the place made it up for the band when they swung through in ’95. It may be a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll, but once you get there, the accommodations are first class.

Also: the pancakes? There’s a lot to that “a” in between the ‘cakes and the syrup. The difference between “pancakes in honey & berry syrup” and “pancakes in a honey & berry syrup” is about ten bucks. For that money, I want a definite article. Bring me pancakes in THE honey & berry syrup. Fuck all those other honey & berry syrups out there.

Breakfast, sure, but what her lovers, Lunch and Dinner? (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are in a polyamorous relationship and sometimes they invite Snacks to orgy with them.) Here you go:


How do you spell bougie? Boozhie? Bouy-face? Anyway: I don’t even know what half this bullshit is. I watched a spy movie once where the handsome man and the foreign man chased each other around Europe trying to find the Phyllo Parcel.

Wait, hold on: were they all fucking vegetarians? There’s no actual food on here, just the stuff you surround food with. From the inclusion of the grilled vegetable kabob, we can infer the kitchen has access to both a grill and sticks, so why not throw some food on the stick in between the vegetables? That’s what a kabob is: impaled, alternating food and vegetables.

We will also overlook the repeated use of the word “Oriental” and point out that once again “a” has appeared in places it is not needed. “A casserole of three beans” is how an alien would say that phrase. Like, the alien would be undercover as a person and everything would be fine, but then it would say that and someone would get suspicious. Because that is not the human way to express that.

This exceedingly trivial piece of Dead ephemera does come with a story. According to the person who sent this along (if you’d rather not be anonymous, raise your hand in the Comment Section), this menu “did not apply to Garcia” who could and did order whatever the hell he wanted from room service 24 hours a day.

Take Me To The Weiner Of The Band

jerry backlit day 95TotD is loath to engage in common vulgarity, but Garcia’s silhouette totally looks like a dong. I mean, with an arm, but still.

The Greatest Mick You’ve Ever Seen

billy no mustache mickey95Ten minutes after Mickey had given him a friendly hug, Billy noticed his mustache was gone.

“The Magnificent Mickpocket strikes again!” Mickey yelled gleefully as he ran away. The mustache later turned up on Ebay under Mickey’s name; he claimed to have been hacked.

Visions Of Garcia Have Taken His Place

Ain’t it just like the Night?
To play tricks,

While you’re trying to be so quiet.

The reason Dylan is Dylan and you’re not is that if you came up with those lines, you’d make them the chorus.

I know this one isn’t Bob; Garcia in the last days:

It Stands For "Zone Improvement Plan"

stadium 95

If you use the basic five digit ZIP code, then these seats are close to the stage; the nine digit version says you’re nowhere near the Dead.

Comic Book Colors #11

pass spidey

Spidey’s always been my guy.

Comic Book Colors #10

pass thorpass iron man pass captain america

The big three, as far as Marvel’s concerned. The full appellation might be “the big three that can’t quite sell their own books real consistent-like,” but we won’t hold that against them.

Marvel Fun Fact: all three of the heroes pictures are uncircumcised, so you’re looking at a twelve-skin.

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