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Tag: 3/28/72


Penduluminescent super troopers wrestle feedback gremlins in the balcony, while the ushers and the kids have ongoing discussions about the propriety of sitting on stairs, and the road crew barters for blowjobs backstage. The bathrooms need to be cleaned, cleansed, purified, all. In the concourse run round the loge, there is dynamism and torque, spooky action at such a far distance from the stage, where the next chord is a B minor.

Hi, Bo Diddley

jerry bobby bo diddley

It’s a small, crappy pic: that’s Bo Diddley, so it must be from 3/28/72, one of the stellar Academy of Music shows they did right before Europe. It was released as Dick’s Pick 31; you should go and listen to it now, if you haven’t the previous 18 times I’ve recommended this run

Cool to see visual evidence of a particular show that you love, to know it all happened, that it wasn’t a hoax like 5/8/77.

Stop that.


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