Great gosh-a-mighty, Enthusiasts: two show recommendations in two days? It’s almost like this bullshit about the Grateful Dead is actually about the Grateful Dead. The Greek Theatre saw a passel of Dead shows, including their 20th Anniversary Spectacularapalooza, in which the band neglected to do anything special whatsoever and, in fact, had to leave the stage halfway through the first set because the equipment didn’t work.

This is not that.

What is it?

This is this. If this is that, then this ceases to be this and becomes that.

Stop treating grammar like math.


Get on with it, freak.

So: 5/21/82 from the Greek is definitely a better show than last night’s shaky ’76, for certain definitions of the word “better.” It is more proficient, to be sure, and there are no major train wrecks; the show also contains an unremarkable amount of lyrical confusion for an ’82. (There is, of course, some lyrical confusion. It’s still the Grateful Dead.)

But, in comparison with last night’s mockery of a farce, this show is a bit less entertaining. It is a fine show, don’t get me wrong, but it does not excite like the ’76’s looming chaos. It’s fine.

Let’s Goofus and Gallant this shit:

  • The ’82 is a Honda Accord: it’s reliable, and gets you where you’re going, but won’t get you laid; The ’76 is a Porsche that Mickey has driven over a cliff.
  • The ’82 does not have herpes, but will not do weird things to you in bed; the ’76 has all the herpes in the world, and does weird things to you everywhere.
  • The ’82 is a blackjack table in a licensed casino owned by a multinational corporation; the ’76 is a basement with a revolver to your head as a Vietnamese man screams at you.

Can we stop this now?

No. If we stop doing this, then this becomes that.

I hate you.

We’ve been over this.


And that.