Yes, you could be listening to the Phoshes from MSG, which is apparently the only venue they play now, but you could also join me in semi-ignoring the Official Band of Journalist Twitter and check out 6/8/77 from Winterland. This was the middle show of the trio that comprises theĀ Winterland ’77 box set and gets far less love than the other two shows, as it has neither a H>S>F and a titanic Music Never Stopped, nor a Scarlet>Fire and a lusitanian Morning Dew. There is a Sugaree, but it’s not in the same league with the late May renditions. 6/8/77 is just a good show, but it’s a good ’77 show, which makes it better than, say, an above-average ’82, though perhaps not as good as a middling ’73.

(Interesting note: there were no good or bad ’72 shows. All of them were uniformly excellent except for the last half-hour of Bo Diddley sitting in (which is why it was left off the Official Release).)