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Tag: 7/9/95

Comic Book Colors #7

pass rawhide kid pass rawhide kid

Like I said, it’s nice to see some representation for the backbench, but–and I am a man who used to manage a comic book store–I have no idea who these people are.

The only thing I remember about the Rawhide Kid is that in the edgy, anything-goes Aughts, Marvel did this “mature” comic where he was gay, and hey: gay dude in the Wild West–could be interesting, but the thing looked like it was written by the twelve-year-old everyone’s pretty sure is gonna shoot up the place one day:

“Hey, rawhide Kid. Are you going to pull out your gun? In a gay fashion?

“Why, YEEEEESSSS. Here it is, it’s my gun, lah-dee-dong. Do I smell man-butt?”

And so on for another twenty pages.

(Also, here’s something personal you didn’t know about TotD: I punched the guy who wrote this in a Los Angeles bar.)

Dancing In Chicago

Today was it: last time train left the station. I’m not going to link to the show, partly because it’s awful, and partly because that’s not how I need to remember him. Not like this…

jerry last walk offstage…I’ll remember him how he really was:

jerry kittens

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