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Picture A Bright White Ball Just Spinning, Spinning Free


“I sensed the camera.”

And now you’re glaring into it.

“Bobby Picture Pose #1.”

It’s a classic. You’ve got, like, a Spidey-Sense.

“I smell them with my mind’s nose.”

I’m gonna pretend like that wasn’t an insane thing to say and move on. Great show last night, buddy.

“Didn’t fall apart too bad.”

Bobby, one question.

“About five inches long and seven inches around.”

I’m not asking about Billy’s dick.


Who’s idea was it to play Fire on the Mountain at the benefit for people who lost their homes to fires on mountains?

“Three guesses.”

Is his dick five inches long and seven inches around.

“Not as dumb as you look.”

That would be almost impossible.

“Yeah, uh, Billy thought it would be funny.”

It was a little funny.

“Yeah, a little.”

Just Your Neighborhood Rock Star And His Saturday Night Girl

“Hold me close, Natasha Monster.”

“Stop it.”

“Count the headlights on the highway.”

“Stop it.”

Bobby, Bonds

Hey, Bobby. Whatcha doing?

“You see the size of this sumbitch?”

Barry Bonds is a big guy.

“I’ve, uh, played venues smaller than his skull.”

Enormous fellow.

“Jeff, you seeing this?”

“I am, Bob. This fucker’s gigantic.”

“Oh, hey. I, uh, didn’t ask. How’s that Broadway musical going?’

“It went.”

“That quick?”


“Check clear?”

“It did.”

“All right, then.”

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