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Dead & Company At Citi Field

When did Bobby dye his hair?

That’s Garcia.

No. Garcia’s dead. I had to explain this to Nephew, but I thought you knew. Oh, shit, I’m not breaking this to you, am I?

This attitude is why Pitchfork won’t hire you.

Fuck Pitchfork.

That attitude, too.

Dude, hop on the D & C train.

It’s not Dead & Company. That’s the actual Grateful Dead at Bickershaw.

Nonsense. It’s Citi Field. Look in the crowd to the left of the stage; you can see Mr. Met giving Oteil the finger.

That’s not Oteil.

He would totally wear that sweater.

Absolutely, yes. Still: no.

I don’t get you, man. What about this picture doesn’t scream “21st century corporate perfection” to you?

Every single thing.

Ah, I’m just funning with you.

It’s never fun when you fun.

What’s the most Precarious Lee part of this setup?

Ooh, good game. Let’s play. Hmm. Amateurs might say the oblique angle that the monitors are lined up at.


A more seasoned vet would point out that Pig is literally behind the PA.

Well, it’s not like there was any room on the stage.

True. But the real Enthusiast sees Precarious’ handiwork in that super-taut wire leading to the speaker all the way up top on the right.

So many points of failure.

It’s amazing they’re all alive.

They aren’t.

I was funning with you.

Yeah, you’re right: funning isn’t fun.

I know.

Theatre (Not) In The Round

phil billy jerry bobby bickershawDuring the cold and windy Bickershaw festival in the north of England, the Dead experimented with a new idea: “the crowd is wherever you think it is.”

Are they this way? That way? On the ground behind Billy?


Far From The Madding Crowd

jerry 72 bickersham

If he stopped moving at a festival, this would happen. Every time.

“Tell us about politics, Jerry.”

“Hi, Jer!”

“Garcia, I have this screenplay that–”

“Man, I know you;re gonna think I;m crazy, but–”

And he just wants to go hide and get high but Garcia’s polite, you know? So he sits there with soggy balls listening to randos be his best friend at him.

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