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He’s Doing That Thing With His Slide Again, Isn’t He?


bobby slide jerry

Those Things’ll Kill Ya #3


Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

dead bobby and phil

This is–without a doubt–the worst case of White Man’s Overbite ever recorded.

Hot As A Pistol

Bobby forgot a lot of things: what city they were in, the name of the semi-conscious teenager in his bed, whether or not the current keyboardist had died yet…

deadbobbynudieSG…but he never forgot his sexy.

It Being Summer, I Took Off My Shirt



A Poem For Bobby

you don’t know how precious a stool is until the road crew brings you one.

you don’t know why all these people are in your living room.

you don’t know how it feels to be me.

you don’t know where garcia is.

you don’t know how you knew that if you ever collapsed onstage that phil would just keep singing, but you were right.

you don’t know how bitcoin works and, quite frankly, don’t wish to know.

you don’t know how easy it is to love you.

you don’t know if the doctor said one pill every four hours or four pills every hour so NOM NOM NOM PILLS YAY GO SLEEP NOW KTHXBAI.

you don’t know where that highway leads to.

you don’t know what happened to the rest of your pants.

you don’t know how hard it is to love you.

you don’t know the way to minglewood.

you don’t know the way to el paso.

you don’t know the way to mexicali.

you don’t know the way back to new york city, but i do believe you’ve had enough.

The Very Definition Of Shit-Eating Grin

Why would you ask me which room Mrs. Donna Jean is in? How should I know?

Two Dogs in Communion #3

Arrows of neon and flashing marquees out on Main Street. See, Bobby? I can do it and I’m a dog.

When Bobby forgets the words is when I love him the most!

Nice Scarf, Bill

Using my laser eyes on you, using my laser eyes…hey, there’s a song.

Cover Me

The Dead played a billion covers. Some they played forever: Me & My Uncle, NFA; some just the once: How Sweet it Is (from the DP 30 Academy of Music shows that I’m always honking on about). Some songs, though: it’s better the Dead never sat down to figure out the changes.

Dubstep would not have worked; Phil would probably like it. If you haven’t heard dubstep, it’s the sound of a Transformer getting raped. Actually, Mickey might have liked it, too. This is what dubstep is: it get interesting 90 seconds in. I understand why half-naked teens on drugs would love dancefucking to this, but it’s not for listening.

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (fuck you all for making me type that) would be a poor choice as Bobby would fuck up the chorus so badly that everyone would think it was a Dylan tune.

Any of the particularly tricky Rush tunes: La Villa, YYZ, By-Tor (not the Snow Dog, oddly enough.) The Dead had the chops to pull it off, but those tunes required precision and practice. Even the Dead’s more complicated tunes, like Terrapin–if you missed the musical turn, you could wait for it to come back around again.  Plus, there were twice as many people in the Dead as Rush, man.

Devo. Any deconstruction-type stuff. The Dead did not dismantle, in fact they piled on, always. They were rococo and baroque. Also, broke, but that’s for a different post.

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