I was going to be a jackass and make fun of Bobby for playing Happy Hour, but the truth is that our Bob’s a standup guy: David Nelson from the New Riders had some Alaska dates booked, but his shit’s fucked up and so Bobby stepped in and went up to Alaska (in March!) to fill in for David and raise a little money for the doctors. You can kick in a couple bucks here.

“It is Happy Hour, actually.”

I know, Bobby. I was saying nice things about you.

“Yeah? That’s nice of ya. But, you know: 2-for-1 Molsons until six.”

Not a bad deal. How the sandals holding up?

“It’s 20 degrees out there. Had to dig the boots out of the closet.”

Oh, no.

“It’s not optimal. I love David, but next time he gets sick, he better have shows planned in Hawaii.”

Rude of him.

“Beard’s good in the cold, though.”

I’d imagine. You’re a good guy, Bobby.

“You bet.”