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We Don’t Deserve This

This painting was hung in the Museum of Modern Terrible Dead Art (MoMTDA, pronounced: “Mom! Ta-DAA!”) and ten minutes later the building committed suicide.


Paul Pope’s work is not what it used to be. (Obscure comic book artist joke, sorry.)

A Bit On Bacon

heady bacon cheese

Everybody needs to stop it with the bacon. Liking bacon is not a hobby, and it’s not an aspect of your personality, and it doesn’t need to be written about or talked about and it certainly doesn’t need to be tattooed anywhere.

Also, Siracha tastes like a Vietnamese man sneezing in your face.

Grilled cheese is delicious, though, but you can’t get fancy: Wonder bread and Kraft American cheese makes the headiest grilled cheese sandwiches.

This Is How You Wear Everything



This Is How You Wear A Hat





He’s Wearing That Hat Again, Isn’t He? #3




He’s Wearing That Hat Again, Isn’t He? #2

dead phil hat



He’s Wearing That Hat Again, Isn’t He?

dead bobby pig garcia tough

He’s Doing That Thing With His Neck Again, Isn’t He?




Did I Leave The Stove On?




Shun A Brother And A Friend



And if you fall in my direction, don’t expect no help at all.

Right? Was that what you were thinking? “Help him, Phil. Stop singing the song that no one really likes and pick Bobby up.” Was that your first thought?

Because Phil’s first thought was, “Again?”

So cut him some slack. Also, give Phil credit for not immediately Mola Ram-ing Bobby’s liver out of his abdomen while he was down.

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