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Thank You, Dick

Others, better equipped, will write Dick Gregory’s obituaries. None of them will note how cool he smoked.

Headliners On A Northbound Train

If you only looked quickly, and did not know who Dick Gregory was, you might think that was a different kind of red hat. It’s a Billy-style red hat, from the MLK memorial. Acceptable red hat. Good and righteous red hat.

Goddammit, that bloated pisslicker ruined red hats.


Is it the angle or does Oteil have an enormous head? If the latter: has Oteil always had a head this large and I did not notice, or has he begun an HGH regimen in the past few months?


I love when men hit a certain age and stop giving fucks and can finally appreciate things for being adorable.

“What kind of phone cover do you want, Dick?”

“Bouncy baby blue!”

“Okay. You sure you don’t want this cool black-and-silver one? It’s shiny.”




Oteil has strenuously taken to Dead shirt-wearin’. He’s applied himself; he does his homework. Soon–one day very soon–the student shall become the master, and he will defeat Mickey in an epic Merch Yoink duel.


Can Oteil grow a full beard? He’s had a neat Vandyke, but has not gone Full Muppet. This is the state of the world: there are now two Grateful Deads that cannot grow beards. The gyre cannot hold.


“Mr. Gregory, can I get you a snack?”


“Not a piece of fruit, something healthy?”

“I’m 84! What the fuck’s a banana gonna do at this point? BUGLES, MOTHERFUCKER!”

“Yes, sir.”

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