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Everybody Hates A Tourist

jerry happy happy

Garcia wasn’t a violent man, but if he were alive to see all this ironic beard growing, he would be taking dickpunching lessons from Billy.

Billy Disapproves Of Your Hijinks

billy wtf 89

Sometimes when you’d really fucked up, Billy wouldn’t even punch you in the dick: just tell you how disappointed he was. And then he would punch you in the dick.

But: disappointedly.

Sunglasses At Night

billy fans 80s

If Billy was wearing his shades, he was either scoping out some prime dick to punch or unconscious.

Pay No Attention To The Drummer Behind The Curtain


The reason that there is a horse on Billy’s bass drumhead is that you noticed there was horse on Billy’s bass drumhead and then you wondered why there was a–


Curiosity got its dick punched.

PLUS, Mr.s Donna Jean is wearing my Great-Aunt Lillian’s kitchen curtains.

How Many Dicks?

billy five

Five. Billy punched five dicks.

(They just write themselves, sometimes.)

What, me worry?

billy shiteating grinb

“Okay, so I punched some dicks: what else do you do on a Tuesday in Des Moines?”

I Need A Drummer 'Bout Twice My Age

billy handsome mickey

An interesting lesson for all of us in lighting and composition and the like: under favorable conditions, Billy can be the handsome elder statesman we all profess publicly to wishing that he were.

Secretly, however, most of us are happy Uncle Billy’s still the craziest, sweatiest fuck south of a polar bear’s dick.

billy crazy little fan

Bob Weir And A Dick


You looked to see whether Bobby was protecting his dick, didn’t you?


They Loved Each Other

jerry billy laguna seca 87

The first time he met Billy, Garcia knew–instinctively and instantly–that he must protect his dick at all times.

Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Country

In the dictionary, next to dickpunching, there is nothing. Because dickpunching’s not in there: it’s not a word and you know that. Any dictionary, in fact, that does contain the word dickpunching is neither to be trusted nor trifled with and should be thrown as hard as possible at the nearest infirm relative or family friend.

But if it were there…

billy stick

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