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A Vote For Jesus Is A Vote


Hey, Godchauxes. Whatcha doing?


“Waitin’ for my turn to sing, bein’ proud, wearin’ skirts. The usual, sugar.”

Who you two voting for?


Did Keith slide bonelessly to the ground?

“Looks like.”

Well, who are you voting for, Mrs. Donna Jean?

“Same person I always vote for: Jesus.”

I don’t think He wants the job.

“He didn’t wanna be the Messiah neither, but He did that pretty good. Jesus ’16!”

Not the worst candidate you could vote for.

“No, that’s Gary Johnson, honey.”


Sitting In The Heart Gold Band

bobby donna sweetwater heart of gold

“Which one of you is the astronaut?”

“That was the other night, sugar. This is my band. Y’all are sittin’ in with us tonight.”

“Ah. What does the kid play?”

“He ain’t in the band, Bob.”

“We got a kid in the band now, but he’s a little older. Taller, at least. Have you met him?”


“Is that his name?”

“I have met him several times now. How much of this summer you remember, hon?”

“There were fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

“You and I both know that was a guess, Bob.”

“Was it hot?”

“You’re not inspirin’ confidence, sugar.”

“Phil’s black now.”

“It’s comin’ back to you.”

“We battled Godzilla.”

“That some sort of half-memory/half-translated hallucination about Fenway Park and the Green Monster?”

“Good chance it is, yeah.”

“Then: yes, Bob. We battled Godzilla.”

“We win?”

“Even better.”

“We made friends with him?”

“It was a good summer, sugar.”

The Lady In Plaid

donna jean plaid pants young

Hey, Mrs. Donna Jean. Whatcha doing?

“Wearin’ the hell out of these here slacks, sugar.”

You totally are.

“That Meyers boy is bitin’ my style.”

Not really. Where are you?

“Now you should know this, darlin’. This is Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama. You got Graceland, the Opry, Sun, Stax, and you got this bitty place right here. Black folks made some hits, so white boys been makin’ pilgrimages here all these years. Good kinda Southern landmark.”


“Everybody got along in the studio. Didn’t matter what color you were. Just had to play. Me and the girls in Southern Comfort here, we sing for white acts, black acts, no one cared.”

That’s nice.

“And, hoo boy, was there some humpin’!”

That’s too much, Mrs. Donna Jean.

“Back then it was called miscegenation and it was against the law, but we didn’t care. We was young and it was so damn hot out.”

That sounds nice, actually. Hey, what was Elvis like?

“Elvis was like Elvis. Only way I can explain it.”

That makes perfect sense.

“Yeah, it kinda does.”

Company & Dead

Dead & Crew

Allow me to preface my silly little jokes with this: hail to the road crew. First in, last out, first blamed.

In no particular order:

  • If you asked someone to describe what this photo would look like before they saw it, they would have gotten it exactly right; nothing about this photo is a surprise.
  • Oh, wait: there’s a bunch of ladies.
  • They are hidden in the back.
  • Maybe the photographer is a bear, and all the women are menstruating, and the men are being chivalrous.
  • Beard guy.
  • Bald guy.
  • Bald guy who is maybe black.
  • Lady in red cocktail dress.
  • Matt Busch.
  • Other beard guy.
  • Waldo.
  • Harry Knowles.
  • Y’know, I think Bald Maybe Black Guy and Handsome Dan back there are the drivers for some reason–the two guys by Mrs. Donna Jean in the Stealie button-downs–and now I am fascinated by them and am starting to make up stories about them.
  • I will come up with better names, though.
  • And speaking on behalf of Mrs. Donna Jean: same shit, different century.

In Which Mrs. Donna Jean Meets An Italian

donna jeff backstage

“Look, sugar: I got me one o’ them randos you been goin’ on about.”

That is not a rando, Mrs. Donna Jean. That is Jeff Chimenti.

“Oh, I don’t know anyone in the Mafia, hon.”

I don’t think Jeff Chimenti is in the Mafia.

“That vowel at the end of his name says different. My father, Mrs. Daddy Jean–”

Not his name.

“–used to say the biggest mistake Roosevelt made was not treating the Italians like the Japanese.”

Wow. The Japanese-Americans, you mean.

“No, the Japanese. Daddy advocated nuking Staten Island.”

I agree with your father, but for different reasons.

“Everybody does.”

Such A Cute Couple



“You’re onna with Donna.”

“Oh, no. I dialed the wrong number. Hi, Mrs. Donna Jean. Can I talk to John?”

“There’s no John here.”

“Can I talk to Josh?”

“Hold on.”

“You’re on with John.”

“I’m starting to think that you’re the bad influence on them, and not the other way around.”

“Katy? What’s up?”

katy perry checkerboard

“Explain your style-biting, John.

“Jesus, you too? I wear one tablecloth and everybody loses their minds. Do you have fruit in your hair?”

“Where should I keep it?”

“Katy, I’m playing Fenway Park. Can I call you back?”

“Is that the baseball stadium?”


“That’s great for you. I think I played the football stadium last time I was there. Which is bigger?”

“The baseball stadium or the football stadium?”

“Which holds more people?”

“I’m hanging up now.”

What’s Black, White, And Red Metal Stool All Over?

donna jm bobby fenway

Gingham Rogers.

“Stop it.”

Maryann and Gingham.

“Stop it.”

Gingham? Hardly even know ’em!


Oppa gingham style.

“You stole that from someone in the comments.”

“You done?”

Well, we named that little guitarist Checkers. I like him, and my wife, Natasha Monster likes him, and the Deadheads like him. And you know what? We’re going to keep that little guitarist.

“That wasn’t awful.”

It’s an election year, so I thought it was timely.

“Now are you done?”




“I hate you.”

…with a song I used to hear….

“We’re done.”

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll stop.


Yeah. Totally. Sorry, man. Hey, what’s your favorite Truckin’?

“Ooh, good question. I guess the Winterland from ’78.”

Not 11/6/77 in Ginghamton?

“Fuck you.”

Dick’s Picnics

bobby jm gingham donna fenway

Hey, John Mayer. Whatcha doing?

“Having fun, wearing outfits, soloing.”

So, just a normal night?

“Yup. Loving Boston. Couple of us went to the Common today.”

Yeah? How’d that go?

“Billy threw me on the ground and ate sandwiches off me.”

Not a surprise, really.

Two Unicorns In Communion

jeff donna back hair

The reboot of The Ring was a failure: the VCR tape was replaced with an AUD of a 1984 show, so no one listened to it and no one had to die.

Fenway Drive

Donna Jean on Lansdowne

Hey, Mrs. Donna Jean. Whatcha doing?

“We are zippin’ and zappin’, sugar. But it’s Boston, so we sat in golf cart traffic for an hour.”

There’s golf cart traffic?

“On Storrow.”

That makes sense. You see what Young John Mayer is wearing?

“See? I made it!”

That makes less sense.

“I went down to the general store and bought me three, four yards o’ that fancy gingham what arrived on the Wells-Fargo wagon. Sewed it up in between Comanche attacks.”

None of that is right So: are you officially in the band?

“I never left, swee’pea.”


“‘Member when me an’ Keith left Dead?”


“Turns out no one signed the papers. Legally, I’m still in the band. I been gettin’ paychecks, too.”

Since 1979?


Nice work.

“Don’ tell no one, sugar.”

Okay. Nice to have you back around, Mrs. Donna Jean.

“Well, ain’t you a dumpling?”

“Serious, though: you open your mouth and I’ll cut ya.”

Jesus, okay.

“And don’t you blaspheme in here.”

Yes, ma’am.

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