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Pop Star

Can I be honest with you, long-time monitor guy Harry Popick?


Nice tush.

“Don’t be honest with me.”

You put the c in thicc.

“Which one?”


“Stop talking to me.”

It’s commanding, almost arrogant. I feel like your buttocks are judging me.

“They’re not. Go away.”

My anaconda does indeed want some.

“Be like this somewhere else.”

You should be flattered.

“Is anyone ever flattered when you do this to them?”


“There you go.”


Only Big-Dicked Sheila Knows For Sure


A lot people don’t know that Bobby had a body double in the 90’s, just like Saddam Hussein.

Also: potato salad.

Also also: Bobby’s sideburns are greying–this shot is from ’94–but his hair isn’t. Was Bobby dying his hair?

Sew What?

band 82 greek tie-dye back

After the show, Phil had the backdrop cut up to make hundreds of hideous t-shirts.

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