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A Double Negative Is A No-No

I don’t mean to be a stickler, but that poster–if read literally–advertises a concert against not-AIDS.


Hip To Be Grosvenor Square

band huey

With a seethingly angry “thank you” to longtime commentator and object of an elaborate and specific cowgirl-themed crush of mine, Rodeo Amy, for the title.

Dude, how could you not come up with that? 

Shut up.

It’s right there. You went with Stuck with You and a Dylan cover! You suuuuuuuck.

Shut it.

Happy To Be Stuck With You Inside Of Mobile

vince huey lewis

The tight black jeans, the feathered semi-mullet, the Ray-Bans, the harmonica he can play as well as any white boy: is it wrong I want to be Huey Lewis when I grow up?


Turn On Your Power Of Lovelight

bobby jerry huey lewis bw BAMmies

Rumor has it that Huey has one of the biggest somethings in rock and roll. (The something is his penis.)

Don't Tell Me This Town Ain't Got No Heart Of Rock And Roll

bobby jerry huey lewis bw BAMmies 2

So: apprently this was not a black-tie affair? Bobby just decided to air out the monkey suit? Becuase Johnny Saxamophone is wearing a Dead shirt, and that’s the opposite of a tux.


From The Heart Of Rock And Roll

jerry huey lewis

You can just make your own I Want a New Drug joke, if you please.

Also: Garcia’s knees.

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