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Good Address

For a dead guy, Garcia’s getting around this week.

Did you know that launched this week? It looks spiffy; it’s still got that new site smell. There are a bunch of pictures I haven’t seen before, such as this:

jerry rocking


And this one:

jerry SG ramrodThere’s also a nice collection of his art work, and a nice-looking Tumblr-style biography.

You can also buy things, including a very nifty sketch of the guys, entitled creatively “The Guys”.

the guys All this, and the tribute deal out the Giants game tonight. I only worry about precedent: next year, they’ll have to debut Hologram Garcia.

(NOTE: Please do not debut Hologram Garcia next year or ever.)


Jerry Day #6

He didn’t owe us anything

jerry lindley smiling


But he owed himself more.

Jerry Day #5

jerry alligator smilingI miss the motherfucker.

Jerry Day #4

jerry wall of sound

He didn’t want to be larger-than-life, but sometimes he needed to be.

The Clothes That You Once Wore

It’s easy to make fun of Garcia for choosing an outfit and sticking with it, But it was a good and strategic decision on his part.

jerry rainbow pants 2 jerry tank top

This doesn’t work for anyone. Three cheers for black t-shirt and jeans.

Jerry Day #3

jerry sunglasses smoking

Cooler than you’ll ever be.

Jerry Day #2

Sometimes he was Papa Bear, other times he was Sleepy Bear…

jerry angry rheingold sign


…but no matter how friendly a bear is, he’s still a bear.

Jerry Day…

…is every day here at Fillmore South, except, you know: we don’t call him that.

jerry SG bigsby


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