Ask as ye shall receive, Enthusiasts, unless you ask Mouthless Jenny for a hummer; then, you will not receive. Might get a tug, but no sloppy.

Where are you going with this?

In 1967, The Jefferson Airplane did a Levi’s commercial, white Levi’s in particular.

Interesting. But how does that logically follow your introductory statement?

A trusted and valued Commentator named Steve B shared this information with us because of the last post featuring Mickey in an eggshell slack.

Still not making the connection.

Then you’re a dunce. Posting a picture of man wearing white jeans is implicitly asking the world, What the fuck is happening here? AND it’s Mickey, so there’s a secondary implicit question: From whom did Mickey yoink these pants? We now know the answer is that the Jefferson Airplane–probably Spencer Dryden–was given a couple boxes full of white Levi’s and Mickey helped himself. Case closed.

What case?

I’m a historian.


I’m an historian.

That wasn’t the problem with that sentence. Let’s end with something everyone can agree upon.

Jefferson Airplane sucked.

There ya go.