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Son Una Banda Más Allá Descripción

Hey, Garcia. Whatcha doing?

“Wearing a sport coat for some reason. Hey, listen, man. I’m gonna ask you something and it’s gonna be between us.”

Los Lobos.

“Oh, right, man. For a second, I thought Bobby put on some weight.”

And turned Mexican?

“You never know with Weir, man.”

True. So, uh, do you have court later or something?

“Go away.”


Los Lobos Y El Tigre

TotD will occasionally refer to Garcia as a “fat Mexican,” and Enthusiasts will rush to offer corrections. I say to them this: if Garcia weren’t a fat Mexican, then why is he playing with Los Lobos?



CFAtGAwWIAENiVGHey, Los Lobos.


Stop it. Apologize.

Sorry. But they are awful.

Fucking dreadful, yeah. Still, no excuse for the nonsense.


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