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Join Together With The Band

Fun fact: this is a bigger crowd than at Trump’s inauguration.

Not fun at all fact: Trump was inaugurated.

Familiar fact: Mickey. Who does he look like? I can’t quite place my…oh, right.

I knew I recognized him.

Anyway: Meet-Up at the Movies is on 8/1/17 and the show is 7/12/89. Make your plans, or don’t. I’m not your boss.

Missed Meeting

This was, both sadly and unavoidably, the first year I’ve had to miss the Meet-Up At The Movies; a small comfort is that I’m driven bonkers by the behavior of my fellow Enthusiasts during the film and don’t enjoy the experience all that much. It is, as you are correctly guessing, not so much their actions (which are well within the bounds of decency and in-group norms for this type of screening) as my misanthropy combined with my insanely strict rules about movie theaters.

TotD’s Insanely Strict Rules For Movie Theaters:

  • Shut the fuck up.
  • In fact, don’t even move.

Almost all my other rules turn out to be guidelines under close scrutiny, but not those. And while a showing of 7/2/89 from Sullivan Stadium in Foxborough, MA, attended solely by Deadheads should be granted special dispensation from the standard silence, I can’t make my brain accept the exception, and I end up hating everyone around me halfway through the first set.

You are unwell.

Oh, hey. You’re in this computer, too?

Just continue.

Sure. Anyway, I mentioned that the show was available on YouTube, and said I was going to watch it, but–in a rare occurrence–the tenets of Without Research have bitten us all on the box-back nitties. What I thought, after briefly glimpsing the playlist but not clicking on anything, was the whole show turns out to be the just the first set, and not the pro-shot version, either. Voodoonola has cleaned it up, so it’s the best it’s going to look, but it is still the video version of an AUD.

(On the other hand, the first set opens with Playing and the second set closes with Dear Mr. Fantasy>Hey Jude, so the first set is objectively the superior set.)

The previous Meet-Ups have been mysteriously leaked for just long enough for everyone to download them, so if that happens here, I’ll let you know. Until then, this is good enough for you animals:

Exactly The Same Size As A Drive-In Movie, Oo-Wee

[PDF] I built a drive-in theater

Boston-area Enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat: this year’s Meet-Up at the Movies (featuring the non-circulating 7/2/89 from Sullivan Stadium in Buffalo Foxborough) will be simulcast on the drive-in screen in Mendon, MA, plus if you want to get out of your car, there’s a beer garden and a Dead tribute band as an opening act.

This sounds like fun, and I hope some of you go, but if you don’t sneak in a couple extra Deadheads in the trunk, then I can’t talk to you anymore.

Tickets Here

bobby jerry billy beat club

Got your ticket yet for the meet-up?

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