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Mickeyleak #52

John Perry Barlow hasn’t been invited to any birthday parties in a while because he shoots at piƱatas.

Mickeyleaks #46

The severed head of John the Baptist is located in The Vault on some back shelf and if you’re a true believer in Christ and His teachings, you can hear the head ask for Mickey to stop using it as a drum, please.

Mickeyleaks #39

Whenever the Dead played Canada, Bobby would check into hotels under the name Stanley Cupp; he thought that shit was hilarious.

Mickeyleaks #37

Brent considers any elevator ride that doesn’t contain an attack by a woman claiming to be his sister-in-law an incomplete experience.

Mickeyleaks #35

Bobby once got the lyrics to Truckin’ so wrong he summoned Chthulu

Mickeyleaks #33

Brent’s nickname for the Summer ’83 tour was “The Anal Badger” and you don’t want to know why.

Mickeyleaks #32

If Billy uses the phrase “secret recipe,” just fucking run.

Mickeyleaks #30

Someone once called Mickey a basic bitch and Mickey beat that fucker to death with a shovel.

Mickeyleaks #31

Until around ’85, Mickey thought the new keyboardist’s name was Brett Millman and Brent was just too polite to correct him.

Mickeyleaks #29

Like Shaquille O’Neal, Mickey also used to spend a grand weekly on apps, which was far more difficult in 1976.

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