What is this?

“I think it’s called Lil Shard. One of those, uh, Soundcloud rappers.”

And the other one?

“Rich guy’s kid.”

Probably. I think these two are actually Josh’s jerkoff fashion buddies.

“Huh. Never got that about the young man. What’s the point of being good-looking if you’re gonna try? He should do what I used to do: let the face do the work.”

It’s a good plan if you’ve got the tools.

“And, you know, he does. I’ve tried to mentor him in the ways of handsomeness, but he doesn’t want to listen.”

You tried.

“I see him standing in front of those damned clothes cases of his before shows. I used to bring my entire wardrobe for a whole tour in a grocery sack.”

Different approaches. How you doing with that neck tattoo?

“If I look directly at it, I’m gonna vomit. You?”