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Another Round Of Found Poetry From The Spam Folder

There is no need to spend lots of money on curtain rods

Who are these amazing personal trainers that work with movie stars,
professional athletes,
and the rest of the rich
and famous?
These kinds of people are just destroying themselves as well as the society

Even in your weak state you are able to continue using juicy verbs and nouns
They’re the heart and soul of the story
Work at making your diet delicious

A Terrible Poem About The Eleventh

If I were blind
Or stupid as hell
Maybe one of those goldfish
–the mythical ones,
the ones with the Ferrari-fast memories–
I’d think that nothing had happened.

But I have eyes
And I take notes
–copious motherfuckers–
So it’s time to sweep up.

The Spam Folder Is A Poet, I’ve Found

Amir inwardly questions himself about his treatment of Hassan.

In my opinion
You are not

Bill Hitler, Adolph Maher?
The RIGHT people?

From shoulders down!
Good riddance!

On December 22 1852, the legislature of Oregon Territory
Pierce County to become

I have put together some facts about 5 celebrities:
Rachel Stevens has webbed toes.

It is up to the hypnotiser
To be careful
About what they say
And do.

I have been assured that you are not right.

A Terrible Poem About Authorial Intent And The View From Up One’s Own Ass

Is it rust?
Or rot?
Some things can be buffed out
Others must be thrown out
Or maybe turned into art
You can turn garbage into art
Just takes time and
A  place to work
And it helps to not know what you’re doing

Take the cross from inside the circle
Hang it from the circle
You’re an artist

(When they ask you what it means,
And say the first thing that comes to mind)

Another Round Of Found Poetry From The Spam Folder

Punjabi newspapers have reformed themselves
of providing news
they focus on infotainment.
Today all the events are reported and enclosed.

Chit my modish project

Master the Talisman
Control Bestial Wrath
now in your pets
Recently the Hellfire Citadel updated.

In fact, I think you’ll find a good portion of most papers are simple rewrites of
press releases or AP stories, with very little real reporting being done at all


A Terrible Acrostic About Terrorism

T is for Trucks
Which are driven through crowds
E is for Egypt
Today was quite loud
R is for Radical
Zealotry found
R’s for Revenge
It goes round and round
O is Obama
We’re told he’s to blame
R is for Righteous
We’re told that’s our claim
I is for Islam
It must be genetic
S is Security
It should be splenetic
M is for Murder,
Massacre, meat, and
M is for Mothers
Who wail in the street, and
M is for Madness
Of screaming sad sirens, and
M is for Media
Streaming vague chyrons, and
M’s for the Market
Oh, will it bounce back?
And M is for Men
It’s always fucking men, isn’t it?

A Terrible Poem About A Spotlight

It is a Super Trouper
It doesn’t turn on
It powers up
And then light

Over here
Over here
Teddy pay attention asshole
On me
Now out real wide
Back in
At my waist
Right there that’s it leave it don’t touch it
Where’s the fucking band?

Soundcheck next and
Then the kids
There they are
I told you they’d be here
Right there in the spotlight

By the end of the night
It will be too hot to touch


Is that guy holding up a giant dildo?

Still More Found Poetry From The Spam Folder

There’s different stages to the process.

super quetiapine
buy quetiapine
online quetiapine

Actually when someone doesn’t
Be aware of afterward
It’s up to other users
That they will help,
So here it occurs.

Retro porn
vintage photos and videos
which were painstakingly remastered
for you
as a true vintage admirer
to feel
the atmosphere of those raunchy
when no one heard the word silicone.

Icelander Gylfi Sigurdsson has been directly involved in eight goals

A Terrible Poem About Opening Day

On Opening Day
(Which is well before May)
Each team is in very first place.

The goal is a ring
It is earned swing by swing
And the occasional theft of a base

Which team takes it all?
Who’ll be crowned King Baseball?
All for grabs here on Opening Day

Any team could grab glory
Be a Hollywood story
If the Sporting Gods say that they may

Except for the Brewers
They’ll wind up in the sewers
Along with the Angels and A’s

And the Braves and the Twins
They just won’t have the wins
Nor San Diego’s Padres.

The Phillies: unfulfilling
The Reds are less than thrilling
Arizona fans will end up blue

But there’s still cheer
This baseball year:
The Yankees? They suck, too.

A Terrible Poem About Death

If I die before I wake,
I have some stuff that you can take
My books, please give them to a school
My money, give it to a fool

The gas mask: that goes to the pope
And I don’t care who smokes my dope
My art can go to Johnny Tesh
My liver is for Phillip Lesh

Save my eyeballs for the blind
If Dr. Lecter wants my mind
Then he can eat it with a fork
A dickless man can have my dork

And take my bed: it’s clean and made
My ceiling, too, so you’ll have shade
All that I have, possessions so various
Just please someone look in on Precarious.

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