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When It Drops, You Gonna Feel It

Toots and the Maytals’ version is better, but this isn’t bad. Can’t go too far awry when your backing band’s Little Feat.

Silly, Sally

  • Pushing Linda out the Winda.
  • Hiding Jed under the Bed.
  • Banishing  Abelard to the Backyard.
  • Secreting Biff and Job in the Chiffarobe.
  • Concealing Jiminy within the Chimney.
  • Shooing Zack Moore out the Backdoor.
  • Pushing Ruth off the Roof.

What is this?

Title of the last post made me laugh. Thought I’d expand on the idea.

Would you judge it a success?

Oh, only God can judge me.

Sure. Listen, at least post the song that started all this.

Sneaking Sally through the Alley?


Which version?

The correct one.


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