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The Sword Of Damocles Is Hangin’ Over My Head

Can someone tell me why these lyrics work so well for my situation as they do for a newly-born sex clone?

The sword of Damocles is hanging over my head
And I’ve got the feeling someone’s gonna be cutting the thread
Oh, woe is me,
My life is a misery
Oh, can’t you see that I’m at the start of a pretty big downer?

I woke up this morning with a start when I fell out of bed
And left from my dreaming was a feeling of unnameable dread
My high is low,
I’m dressed up with no place to go
And all I know, is: I’m at the start of a pretty big downer…

Be Careful With That Axe, You Genius

There is only one Rocky, and one Brad (who is an asshole) and Janet (who is a cheap slut), and certainly only one Frank N. Furter.

And there’s sure as shit only one Eddie, and he was never on American Idol.

But Not The Symptoms

STOP LIVING IN THE FUCKING PAST, the man obsessed with a semi-defunct choogly-type band yelled impotently.

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