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Of Course He Is

mickey sammy drums

  • Is Mickey jamming with Sammy Hagar?
  • Is Mickey jamming with Sammy Hagar for Sammy Hagar’s new reality show?
  • Sammy Hagar’s doing a reality show?
  • Is Mickey wearing a Dead shirt?
  • Is Mickey having one of his moments where he thinks he’s Jesus?
  • Is Mickey giving a lecture about the history of whatever wooden doodad he’s currently whacking to the cameraman?
  • Seriously, Sammy Hagar’s doing a reality show?
  • Is Billy hopped up on meth and tequila, perched in the air ducts dressed in a tactical Hawaiian shirt and about to see how prepared Mickey’s barn is for a terrorist attack?

Playing in The Sam

bobby sammy hagar 7

Fuck your Tahoe Tweezer: gimme a 25-minute acoustic version of I Can’t Drive 55 any day.

Too Much Of Anything

You know you’ve been listening to too much Dead when…

  • Last Tuesday, you were in the supermarket buying pudding and for no reason at all, you went up to this tiny raisin of a woman and screamed, “Tiger jam! What WHAT?!” real loud at her and then you grabbed her head and rubbed it in your crotch until the manager came and now you can’t shop there anymore and you’re pretty sure the cops are looking for you.
  • That dream about Mrs. Donna Jean stops giving you a boner.
  • That dream about Billy starts giving you a boner.
  • You’ve said, “We don’t have to listen to the Dead: we can listen to Jerry Band,” and meant it.
  • Your hard drive contains more than one photo of Bobby with Sammy Hagar.
  • There are at least 23 metrics available to you to place an unlabelled show or picture: keyboardist, drummer, which ridiculously over-built guitars were they wielding, do said guitars sound like guitars or are they making bloopy noises, facial hair, was Mrs. Donna Jean giving birth, is Healy being a dick to Bobby, etc.
  • You’ve described your morning routine as coffee>pooping>oatmeal>pooping reprise.



Bob Weir And A Sammy Hagar #3

bobby sammy hagar 3

Ain’t no party like a Sammy Hagar party, cuz a Sammy Hagar party don’t stop.

No matter how much you beg, a Sammy Hagar party don’t stop.

Bay Area Boys

phil bobby sammy hagar

Get Ringo on the phone: I smell a supergroup.

Bob Weir And A Sammy Hagar

bobby sammy hagar

The fucked up thing is that they both had forgotten it was Halloween; these were just the outfits they showed up at the Olive Garden in.

Every night is Mardi Gras when you’re Sammy Hagar.


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