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The Return Of Maggie Haberman’s Late-Night Callers


“Wha? Huh? Oh, right. The three a.m. phone calls. They’d let up for a while. Hello?”

“Hey, Maggie, you see the iceberg I just steered the Shitanic into?”


“Guess how many shirts I’m wearing.”

“I don’t want to–”

“Nine. Nine shirts at once.”

“–guess how many shirts you’re wearing.”

“It’s my thing. Don King had his hair, I got multiple shirts.”

“Steve, why are you calling?”

“You see that little letter he sent out today? I can see his little fists balled in rage, and they disappear into his cuffs and he has to, like, struggle them back out. And that gets him even madder and Hope Hicks starts crying and oh, God, I bet it was beautiful. Who do you think read it to him?”

“I heard that he read the whole thing all by himself.”

“Like a big boy. Wow. You think he was doing that thing with his mouth?”

“Where his fish lips curl back and you can see his teeth?”

“Yeah. He did that once while I was eating. Put me off of Arby’s for good.”


“Dude, I downplayed his fast food problem. Fucker eats ’em all. I didn’t even know that Arthur Treacher’s still existed, but he has it twice a day. Shit, I saw him put away some Hardee’s once.”

“I don’t even know what Hardee’s is.”

“You read the bit about the sheets?”

“Yeah, where he strips his own bed. What’s that about?”

“It’s not just metaphorically that Donny shits the bed.”

“Oh, Jesus, no.”

“Once a week or so. Weird thing is that he isn’t asleep when he does it. You know he hits the sack around 6:30 p.m., right?”

“I wish I didn’t know that the President of the United States retired before Jeopardy came on, but I am aware of that fact, yes.”

“Oh, man, wouldn’t you love to watch him watch Jeopardy? Dumb fuck would argue with Alex Trebek. ‘You are fake clues.'”

“Fake clues.”

“See what I did?”

“You’re a wordsmith, Steve.”

“Yeah, I’m the tits. Anyway, limpdick puts on his peejays and gets into bed at dusk, but he doesn’t go to sleep. Sits there watching cable news and calling people until midnight. The stewards bring him fish sandwiches, but not on a plate. Gotta be in the wrapper, in the bag. He just dumps all the trash next to him on the bed and rolls around in it. And, you know, like I said: once a week, he’ll just shit himself during Tucker Carlson or whoever.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Uh-huh. He’s a sub-human cretin, Maggie. You’ve talked to him.”

“True. So what’s the next step, Steve. You’ve been declared a non-person by the Party.”

“I know, right? I’m Snowball now.”

“Watch our for icepicks next time you visit Mexico.”

“You kidding? The only idiots more incompetent than the White House are the ones who lost the election to them. You know she’s a lez, right?”

“She is not, Steve. And even if she were, that would be inappropriate.”



“Like a thirsty dog drinking from the bowl.”

“Jesus. You know the President’s threatening to sue.”





“–HAHAHAHAHA. Ha. Wow, I haven’t laughed like that since I watched that chick get run over in Charlottesville.”

“Holy shit.”

“Let the shit-smeared fuckwit try! Let’s go to discovery! Fucking stooge.”

“You think he’s not gonna do it?”

“Even his lawyer isn’t crazy enough. I am, but his lawyer isn’t.”

“I’m gonna hang up now.”

“Sure you don’t wanna come over and party?”

“I have two sleeping children in the house, Steve.”

“Shit, bring ’em over. We’re fully stocked.”


Statement From The President Of The United States On Steve Bannon

I have never met Steve Bannon or his many shirts in my life. Since my historic win of the presidency, something that Crooked Hillary couldn’t manage to do even though she was married to Blowjob Bill, parasites and losers have crawled out of their homes in the inner cities to attack me and hate America, which I am in charge of.

Many people, great people, who are working towards making America as great as they are, and they’re great, came in and out of my winning campaign that I won, defeating 17 challengers, one of whom was a black and whatever Marco Rubio is. Also a woman, but a mess. Bad face. Steve Bannon was not there when I came up with Low-Energy Jeb or called Ted Cruz’ wife ugly. She is!

Steve spent his short time on my campaign drinking and maybe sexually harassing interns and also maybe colluding with Russia. Robert Mueller, who is a Democratic spy, should investigate Steve Bannon for collusion with the Russians, and also for selling all that uranium to Huma Abedin, who is probably a terrorist.

If Steve Bannon, who I do not know, is so smart, then why did he endorse the weak Roy Moore, who I also do not know and did not endorse? So many wonderful, beautiful things are happening because of me and only me and not anyone else, but the lying media who is failing only wants to lie and fail and be weak.

While certain lying drunks wearing too many shirts only want to “leak” to the press, I have to make America great again with the help of my many, many great Republican Senators and Congressmen and maybe I’ll even do a bipartisan. Instead of trying to burn America down, we will burn America up!

Program Listings For SiriusXM Channel 88: Alt-Right Radio

6:00 – 10:00 a.m.  Morning Zoo Krew with Keithy and the Douchelord Four hours of fun, speculation about the vaginal tightness of various celebrities, and the Krew’s patented prank calls. Last week, they phoned up a synagogue and, affecting an Arabic accent, told the women who picked up that they were going to come over and rape her to death. The woman, a 76-year-old volunteer named Rona Talesnick, began crying and that’s where the laughs really started. There’s also regular bits such as Libcucks Getting BTFO, an updated version of Dialing For Dollars called Texting For Tiki Torches, and The Alt-Right Dating Game, in which the opening question is always “Bachelor Number One, if I were a Jew, what would you do to me?” and the answer is always what you think it is.

10:00 a.m. – noon Laura Ingraham Screams At Her Maid A ratings favorite, LASAHM is two commercial-free hours of Laura Ingraham berating her housekeeper for the failings of the Obama administration and also for stealing jewelry which Laura inevitably finds halfway through the program.

Noon – 3:00 p.m. An Unidentified Voice Reads Out Democratic Lawmakers’ Home Addresses Sponsored by Papa John’s.

3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Steve Bannon’s Rumburps Breitbart editor-in-chief Steve Bannon broadcasts live from Breitbart HQ in Washington, DC. The show is free-form, the schedule being set by the liquor, and Bannon will often speak with guests such Roy Moore, Ted Nugent, and Milo Milo Yiannopoulos to discuss the Left’s perversions and moral degeneracy. Bannon prefers theme days, so the week runs from Filthy Muslim Monday to Plausibly Deniable Anti-Semitism Friday.

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Hannity and Colmes’ Corpse Sean Hannity debates the issues of the day with the exhumed body of his former partner; Colmes puts up just as good a fight as he did when he was alive.

8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Reliable Negro Radio Alternating hosts (Thomas Sowell, David Clarke, the cop who pulls Cuba Gooding Jr. over in Boyz in the Hood) talk about the day’s events and find a way to blame black people for every one of them.

10:00 p.m. – midnight Gun Talk with Rod Machinist Topics this week: “Obama: Still Trying to Take our Guns?”, “The Right Pistol for Going to Walmart,” and “Masturbating to the Second Amendment.”

Midnight – 3:00 a.m. Julian Assange Live From His Room The Wikileaks founder broadcasts nightly from his bedroom within the Ecuadoran embassy, where he conducts long and thorough interviews with his furniture and a pile of dirty clothes in the corner he has named Kurt. There is occasional crying and/or audible self-pleasure. Julian has also fallen in love with a 1982 video clip of Jack Ritter on the Merv Griffin Show.

3:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Russia Today Simulcast

Stop Picking Up The Damn Phone, Maggie Haberman


“I hate everything about everything and everyone. FuuuuuuuuuuuckWHAT?”

“Haberman, it’s Big Steve.”

“Not calling you that, Bannon.”

“You think Charlie Rose is a queer? He was making fag-eyes at me the whole interview.”

“It’s three in the morning. What do you want?”

“Wanted to see what you thought of 60 Minutes. Been watching it on a loop since it aired. I look hot.”

“Not really.”

“I’d fuck me.”

“You looked like you were stitched together from seven or eight other, uglier, men. At times, your skin was literally bubbling.”

“Unfortunate side effect of daddy’s concentration juice.”

“I’m not asking what that is.”


“Not a thing.”

“I was on my game, Haberman. Laid out my views for the future.”

“Which are?”

“Destruction. Terror. And mayhem.”


“Pass me a sissy, and Maggie I’ll slay them.”

“Don’t quote Ll Cool J at me.”

“He’s a modern-day Thucydides. Haberman, do you know who built America?”


“No. The opposite of that.”

“Record says otherwise.”

“Look into your heart, though. Doesn’t your heart say that Mexicans are rapists?”

“It most certainly does not.”

“Listen: Trump ran on immigration and security. Get it? ‘Immigration’ and ‘security?’


“Nudge, nudge, wink wink,”

“I got it.”

“Darkies, beaners, and homos.”

“I said I got it, Steve.”

“And the mockies.”



“What do you, collect old-timey slurs for Jews?”


“Why am I not surprised?”

“Maggie, America should be for Americans first, and then not for anyone else at all. Imagine how great the other nations of the planet would be if all of those people who came here had stayed where they were. What a wonderful world it would be. And, you know, if women couldn’t vote.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re all so emotional. And some of you are criminals, like Hillary Clinton and my bitch ex-wife.”

“Which ex-wife?”

“All of ’em. Bitches.”


“Lemme tell you the problem with the Catholic Church, Maggie.”

“This should be interesting.”

“Vatican II. That’s where it all went wrong. I can understand changing the Mass from Latin to English, but Spanish? C’mon. If God speaks Spanish, I’ll stick my fist up my ass and use myself as a ventriloquist’s dummy.”

“Can I go?”

“The elites, Maggie. That’s who’s destroying the country.”

“I thought the immigrants were.”

“They’re in league. Lots of collaborating going on here. Circles within circles. And within the innermost circle?”

“Don’t say it.”

“Jew star.”

“You said it.”

“Jew money, Maggie. It rots whatever it touches. That’s why I fight.”

“I’m hanging up the phone.”

“My face is bulging for you, Maggie.”


Maggie Haberman Gets More Late-Night Phone Calls


“Wha? Aw, c’mon. I don’t deserve this. Hello?”

“Haberman. It’s Big Steve.”

“Am I the only journalist in town you haven’t called and talked shit to?”

“Nah. After you, I’m throwing a brick through April Ryan’s window.”


“She knows fuckin’ why. Where are you? You should come on down to the Banana Lounge.

“I’ve never heard of it. Is that a bar?”

“It’s more of a club. Y’see, I know this dealer named Banana, and–”

“I’m not coming down.”

“Free meth. On me.”

“Hard pass.”

“Maggie, I’m free. I’m back to my old self. The Bannon Cannon is locked and loaded, baby. All these globalist cucks? These Democrats and bankers and artists and New Yorkers and pork-haters–”

“Just say ‘Jews,’ Steve.”

“–they’re getting fucked in their assholes. And when their assholes can’t take it anymore, when they’ve stretched and weakened and fallen out of their bodies, I’m gonna carve ’em new assholes. And then I’m gonna fuck those assholes. Eventually, I’ll run out of flesh upon which to bore assholes to fuck. But not for a long time.”


“They’re going down. I’m yelling ‘timber.'”

“Did you just quote Pitbull?”

“Mr. Worldwide is a personal friend. Lot of interesting ideas on trade.”


“You know who I am? I’m Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

“You leave Obi-Wan out of this, damn you.”

“They struck me down, and now I will become more powerful than they can ever imagine.”

“Lemme get this straight. You think going from the White House to the 63rd most popular website in the country is a promotion? Are you drunk?”

“Yes, of course. Hey, listen: are you into PCP?”


“Okay, but are you open to PCP?”

“I really wish all you idiots would stop treating me like your exit interview.”

“So you don’t wanna hear any of the audio tapes I made?”

“What now?”

“I wired my office the first day. You didn’t assume that?”


“Wow. Did you not look into me? Taping my own conversations for blackmail purposes is, like, me to a T. There might be no act more Big Steve than that. Maybe puking on a hooker’s back during anal.”

“Can I hear them?”

“Ohhhh. Now we’re friends, huh?”

“No. We’re–ugh, I don’t want to say this–colleagues.”

“Wanna hear Shlomo talk about Russia?”


“That’s what I call Jared.”

“Y’know? It could be worse.”

“It is. I was kidding: I call him Kikey the Cuck.”

“GodDAMN, man.”

“Kid completely fuckin’ implicates himself. He knew. They all knew. Wanna hear the tape?”

“Of course.”

“One condition.”

“I am not coming to a drug dealer named Banana’s house and doing PCP with you, Steve.”

“Fine. You wanna listen to this one, you have to listen to one other.”

“What’s it of?”

“Me sucking my own dick.”

“Wait, you can actually do that?”

“Fuck, yeah. It’s my party trick. Ron Jeremy taught me how.”

“Just an audio tape, though, right?”

“Yeah, but I’m really slobbery. And I encourage myself.”


“Deeper, gayer, that sort of thing.”

“Double ew.”

“You in?”


“Awesome. Put on your headphones.”

Upcoming Breitbart Headlines

  • Gary Cohn Approves Rape Of Children, Elderly By Muslims, Mexicans.
  • General Kelly: Secret Black?
  • We Must Secure The Existence Of Our People And A Future For White Children.
  • Does Paul Ryan’s Family Hate Him?
  • Passover’s Coming: Should You Hide Your Children From Jared And Ivanka?
  • Eight Tips For The Perfect Margarita.
  • Trump: Cuck

Maggie Haberman Receives Another Late Night Call


“Wha? Huh? Jesus, what time is it? Oh, this better not be him. Hello?”


“Was that a belch?”

“Hey, better out than in. Haberman, it’s Bannon.”

“How did you get my number?”

“Mooch gave it to me.”

“Of course he did.”

“He says you two banged.”

“Fake news.”

“Hey, that’s my line. HahahaHACK HACK HACK!”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“Nothing a Pall Mall won’t soothe. Listen, Habes.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“This place? The White House? Couldn’t run without me. Bunch of fucktards. And Jews. Everywhere ya fuckin’ turn. It’s like a Chinese restaurant on Christmas. Should call it the Nose House.”


“Speaking of China, they got Fat Ass over a barrel. Like the funniest scene in Pulp Fiction.”

“Which scene was that?”

“Where the black guy gets raped.”


“They’re the real enemy.”

“Black guys or China? I mean, either answer is horrible, but I’d like to know what you meant.”



“Chinese are eating our lunch. And, you know: anything’s lunch to those fuckin’ people. Hardcore omnivores, the Chinese.”

“Mr. Bannon–”

“Big Steve!”

“–is there a reason you’re calling?”

“Because I think we have a lot more in common than you think.”

“We do? Like what?”

“Both of us hate me.”


“We’re both halfway through our second bottle of gin.”

“I was asleep.”

“Sleeping’s for cucks.”

“And everyone else.”

“Nonsense! Napoleon slept three hours a night, and so do I. The trick is to not own a bed.”

“How does that work?”

“I keep a pile of canvas moving blankets in the corner. I just curl up for short snoozes. Hey, did you see the president’s press conference? How great was that?”

“Not at all. It was the single most shameful public performance of a president since Bush threw up on the Japanese prime minister. And, you know: that was involuntary. Whereas Trump intended to equate Nazis and people protesting Nazis.”

“And he fuckin’ nailed it! Listen to me, young lady: start removing Confederate statues and next thing you know, white people are being executed in the streets by radical feminist lesbian Mexicans. History proves this.”

“It doesn’t.”


“WHOA! There ya go! Big Steve’s back in the game. Hey, I got a ton of this; come on over and get loose.”

“No. Wait. Where are you?”


“You’re doing cocaine in the White House?”

“In the White House? Shit, I’m sitting at the fuckin’ Resolute Desk. I AM THE LAW, MOTHERFUCKER.”

“Holy shit.”

“I’m optimistic about tax reform.”



“What about tax reform?”

“I didn’t say anything about tax reform. Hey, you wanna know what Fat Ass keeps in his desk drawers?”

“You shouldn’t do that.”

“That’s never stopped me before.”

“Okay, tell me.”


“Holy shit, it’s just cans of hair spray and cock rings.”

“I didn’t need to know that.”

“Ooh, a Luger.”

“A Luger?”

“It’s a German pistol issued to Nazi officers, Habes.”

“Don’t call me that. And I know what it is. Why is there one in the president’s desk drawer?”

“Because it’s history. Removing the Nazi pistol from the Resolute Desk would be just as bad as taking down the Robert E. Lee statue.”

“I have no response to that.”


“Or that. I am hanging up, Mr. Bannon.”

“Big Steve!”

“Not calling you that.”

“Okay, okay, okay. Just, uh, just answer one question for me.”


“What kind of name is Haberman, anyway?”


Just Offstage…

“Get in there, you little pussy.”

“Fuck you, Steve.”

“Listen, Kush–”

“Don’t call me that.”

“–that fucking tweet has been up for 58 goddamned minutes. This looks bad.”

“Everything’s fine.”

“It’s not. It’s a bad look for the commander-in-chief to leave a butt-tweet up for more than an hour.”


“It’s an hour. Get your big nose in there in grab that phone.”

“First of all: fuck you, you whiskey golem; second: why? It’s already up, and everybody’s taken screenshots of it.”

“You’re not actually very bright, are you?”


“It looks like he had a stroke on social media, shithead, and no one’s doing anything about it.”


“Check your Twitter.”

“Oh, no, that’s not good.”

“Not at all.”

“Steve, is Twitter just in America, or can the other countries see it?”

“All the countries, Jared.”



“You go in. He likes you.”

“He likes you better, Jared. That’s why he had you talk to the Russians for him.”

“Yeah. That really was an honor.”

“Uh-huh. An honor. Hey, where’s your wife? Send Ivanka in. He’d love that.”

“She can’t. She’s unclean.”

“What now?”

“We’re orthodox Jews, and so when Ivanka goes through her menses, she confines herself to a mikvah.”

“A mikvah?”

“A ritual bathing place. We bought one in Foggy Bottom. Nice townhouse.”

“Yknow, people ask me why I dislike the Jews, and I give them solid reasons like that bullshit right there, and then they call me an anti-Semite. Go figure. Get the fuck in there.”

“Oh, wait: there’s Eric and Donald, Jr. Hey, guys, we need you to do some work.”



“I didn’t know they could turn into bats.”

“They can.”

“Okay. Jared, go.”

“This is not that bad.”

“Jesus cotton-picking Christ, I can’t believe that I’m the voice of reason in this building. Get in there and delete that fucking tweet, you little twerp. Covfefe? What the fuck is that, Jared? What the fuck is that to leave the fuck up on Twitter for an hour and a fucking half when you’ve got the fucking nuclear codes? What do you think our enemies are saying right now? What do you think Russia’s saying?”

“I could call them and find out.”

“Just get in there.”

“Steve. Please. He sleeps in the nude. Above the covers.”

“Jared, do it for America. Do it for the brave young men at Valley Forge, and Chosan, and Manassas. Think of all this great, grand land of ours has done for you, Jared. Can you smell the flag? I can. Do it for Lincoln, Jared, and the preservation of the white race. We need to–”

“Excuse me?”

“–think of something more than…what?”

“White race?”

“My favorite.”


“Get in there, you little shit, or else.”

“Or else what?”

“I know about the office building in Ankara.”

“Do you think I should wake him up, or just try to grab the phone?”

“Add that decision to your portfolio. In ya go.”


A Transcription Of Steve Bannon’s Whiteboard*

  • Make America great.
  • Find and deport Carmen San Diego.
  • Set fire to Supreme Court, blame Jews.
  • Refugee rape camps.
  • Give cops bazookas/ED-209?
  • Let’s go to war with someone.
  • Make America great again.
  • Too soon for book burnings?
  • Paul Ryan needs nickname.
  • Sell highways to China.
  • The Nuge as Ambassador to the Vatican?
  • Super-Soldier formula.
  • Give Kushner a swirlie.
  • Nuke Mexico.
  • Make America great once more.
  • Find virgin, sharpen knife, prepare blood chalice.
  • Fumigate office after Jew leaves.**

*You didn’t think he’d have a blackboard, did you?

**That particular Jew is a rabbi named Shmuley Boteach. He is the most shameless starfucker on the planet, and he is bad for the Jews. He is to the Jews what Bannon is to alcoholics: a bad, but loud, example.

An Inexplicable Intersectionality

Can a Trump supporter be a Deadhead?

Oh, piss off with your politics.

This is important.

It’s the opposite of important. This topic is portant.

No, “im” isn’t a negating prefix in “important;” it’s part of the root.

Suck my root.

We’re doing this whether or not you want to.

Fine. Could you repeat the question?

Can a–


You didn’t need me to repeat the question. You just wanted to interrupt me.

Also yes. I assume we’re having this discussion because of today’s article about Steve Bannon being a Deadhead?


Yes, a Trump Supporter can be a Deadhead.


It’s a free country, and there’s no secret handshake.

Yes, I’m aware there are neither rules nor laws forbidding such a thing, but what I’m asking is how someone can reconcile two such diametrically-opposed worldviews in order to be a fan of both Trump and the Dead

By completely misunderstanding either Trump or the Dead.


That’s the theological reading, though, and rests on ferreting out unknowable thoughts and intentions. A doxological view would only judge actions. Go on tour for a few years, pull the lever for the liar, and there you go: Trump-loving Deadhead.

I prefer to baselessly speculate about people’s hidden agendas.

Me, too. Let’s do that.

I mean, it’s no fun to be so cut-and-dried.

Right, plus we haven’t declared anyone fake Scotsmans yet.

Oh, let’s do that now. Are you saying Trump supporters can’t be real Deadheads?

What’s a real Deadhead?

Someone who loves the band.

I don’t see the disconnect.

Wait. Somone who gets the band.

Ahhhh. I have no idea what that means.

A Deadhead understands the message of the Grateful Dead.

They had a manifesto?

No, they had a philosophy. A belief system. A half-baked cosmology. What about the lyrics?

The ones that Hunter made a point of never explaining?

There’s a correct interpretation of them.

Does this “correct” interpretation happen to be your interpretation?

Dude, I’m just fucking with you.

I mean, really.

You can argue about the precise theme of the Dead’s existence, but “Sell off the country while fomenting racial hatred and restarting the War on Drugs” was definitely not it.

What about Steve Bannon?

Steve Bannon is a racist beanbag chair full of stubble and rum.

What about him being a Deadhead?

First of all, Stevie is just one in a long, long, long line of Deadhead cult leaders. He’s that asshole from the Church of Unlimited Devotion, but instead of reading too much mysticism, he read too much history. The band has always attracted messianic dudes. (It’s always dudes.)

And second?

Second is that sometimes awful people have wonderful taste in music. Idi Amin was into The Stooges way before anyone else. Practically discovered Elvis Costello. They said he had the coolest record collection in Uganda. Of course, they had to say that or he’d throw them to crocodiles.


Now I’m picturing Idi Amin as a record nerd forcing his friends to listen to his import singles.


I’m back. Besides, Steve might not be the worst Deadhead ever, we don’t know.

He’s worse than Ann Coulter. Or the bow-tie dipshit. Same category, but Bannon’s got actual power.

True, true. Even before his new job, he would have been up there in the stratosphere of Embarrassing Deadheads, but now he’s clearly the winner. That wasn’t my point, though. There was almost certainly a Tour Strangler.

A what?

A serial killer who strangled his victims along the route of the Dead’s schedule. Tour Strangler. Gotta admit, it’s a great cover: the only trick is that you can’t ever murder any fellow ‘heads because that will bring too much heat. You would have to strangle, like, nuns or something. When the cops find Sister Crinoline’s body the next day, you’re already on your way to Hampton or Alpine Valley or wherever.

Why does your mind work this way?

I’m creative.

You’re saying that the only thing keeping Steve Bannon from the title of “World’s Worst Deadhead” is the imagined existence of a serial killer in a Microbus?

It’s not imagined. I now believe very strongly in the Tour Strangler.

Stop that.

It should be noted that Steve Bannon has not killed anyone yet, unless we’re holding him responsible for the botched SEAL raid and all the drone attacks.

I think we should.

Oh, then Steve Bannon has killed dozens of people.

Noted. Here’s the question: what draws assholes to the Dead?

Same thing that draws saints. The music.

I just don’t understand where the two spheres overlap.

There’s a couple points of intersection. Conspiracy fuckers love the Dead, and they love Trump. Money assholes, I suppose: can’t swing a cat on Wall Street without hitting some turd in a tie-dye and a red cap. Aging white men.

Aging white men.

Nitrous Mafia.

They’re not Deadheads. They’re violent parasites who stand outside concerts.

Definitely Trump folks, though.

I am not as sure of anything as I am sure that the Nitrous Mafia went for Trump in the election and still has his back.

The truth is that people are fucky squirrels, and they can juggle ideas in their head so that they never touch one another. The most pious priest can believe that Jesus preached to suffer the little children, and then make little children suffer. A slave owner can write a document guaranteeing freedoms. You ever see how many nurses smoke? Folks can cram all sorts of non-agreeable bullshit into their brains.

So a Deadhead can be a Trump supporter?

There is no litmus for Deadheadom, nor is there a purity test. Unlike certain parties, Deadheads do not believe in extreme vetting.

Can a Trump Supporter be an Enthusiast?

Fuck, no.

Why not?

I said so.

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