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Take A Step Back, Please

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You, in the middle. Long-hair.

Put that damn tongue back where it belongs.

Also: this picture is a stark reminder of what a hairy time, men’s face-wise, we are living through. Dead shows used to be considered remarkably bearded, along with blacksmith conventions and Ren Faires, but by today’s standards this is a clean-cut group. Any random group of white guys off the street would have more beard, both collectively and individually, than these Deadheads.

Also also: Phil’s BMW shirt. (Here’s a fun database for the ultimate Rock Nerd archivist to put together: searchable index of clothing worn by date. But, that’s a trouser too far, isn’t it? You should get mandated to therapy if you do that, but I wish it existed and would bookmark it.)


  1. if you can’t nail it down within 6 months based on Garcia’s hair & beard length and color what are you even doing here

  2. jerry looks so happy! that’s nice.

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