“Ah, Christ. Go bother someone else.”


“All night with you, man.”

Well, stop doing things and I’ll stop posting pictures of you doing things.

“You could post the pictures without dragging me into this.”

Where’s the bliss in that?

“Don’t use bliss against me.”

I wasn’t.

“You’re trying to weaponize bliss. That’s just wrong on every level.”

Maybe weaponizing bliss is my bliss?

“I want to stop talking to you.”

I got no other ideas.

“Stop writing.”

I can’t.

“Then do one of those Without Research things.”

About what?

“I dunno. Cars?”

Did that.



“Just leave me be for a bit.”

Fine, fine.

“Bobby, who are you talking to?”

“Are you ladies familiar with the concept of semi-fictionality?”