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Take From The Rich, Give To The Poor, Deduct The Whole Thing

The foundation combines investment principles and philanthropy to assist programs that target poverty in New York City. In 2006, the board of directors included such names as Jeffrey Immelt, Diane Sawyer, Harvey Weinstein, Marie-Josee Kravis, Lloyd Blankfein, of Goldman Sachs, Richard S. Fuld, Jr., formerly of Lehman Brothers, Glenn Dubin, of Highbridge Capital, Marian Wright Edelman and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Robin Hood would have stolen from these people. Not this type of person: these exact human beings.

Don’t get me wrong – they do good work. The nobles have always obliged us like that.


  1. Yes, the Robin Hood Foundation does some good things but nothing nearly so noteworthy, at least for many of its status anxious donors, as its annual gala, which is among the most overblown of the year. This is the epitome of the “society” charity. And while a fête in the Javits Center may not feel like an evening at Versailles, the real action here is climbing one’s way up the pecking order. Here is a link to a Daily Mail for a piece about this year’s soirée with some swell photos. My favorite is the last: the quests entering through a portal designed to look like the lens of a giant camera. Perfect.

  2. I hate those type of events..

    They just feel so fucking feudal.

    Ah.. once a day the king invites his friends and they have a feast, and let the poor eat the leftovers, what a wonderful ruling class.

    Our little town has a charity feast literally on main street, the donors can rub shoulders with other donors, and every can see how donor they are.

    Can we get anonymous to hack the site and replace Robin Hood links with Rex Foundation links.

    anonymous… are you listening ?


  3. OMG…

    I just realized who the other 12,000 people at the show will be…

    God Help me.. am I really entered into a sweepstakes to go to a Dead show with the New York Society in attendance?

    I think our Millionaire musicians have finally started acting like millionaires.

    At least Seva and Rex are freaky foundations.


  4. Rich people =bad ?

  5. Googled “This day in November 7th History” just to gain some rank and file perspective on how this upcoming legendary day in GD history might fit in, and heres some flotsam and jetsam that came up.

    1492 – The Ensisheim Meteorite, the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact, strikes the earth around noon in a wheat field outside the village of Ensisheim, Alsace, France.

    1786 – The oldest musical organization in the United States is founded as the Stoughton Musical Society.

    1907 – Dynamite explodes on locomotive kills engineer Jesus Garcia in Mexico

    1914 – The first issue of The New Republic magazine is published
    1970 – Race riots in Daytona Beach Florida

    1978 – Marion Barry Jr. elected as Washington, D.C.’s first black mayor

    1990 – “Those Were The Days” opens at Edison Theater NYC for 126 performances

    1995 – Howard Stern’s 2nd book “Miss America” released (fastest selling ever)

    2000 – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration discovers one of the country’s largest LSD labs inside a converted military missile silo in Wamego, Kansas.

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