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Talk About Movies, Nipples

IMG_1576Hey, Bobby.

“Oh, hey. You checking out these nips here?”

Hard to miss.

“Guy went to school to learn how to do that.”

Probably, yeah.

“You think they’re someone’s nipples? Like, the sculptor modeled the nips on an actual set?”

That’s an honor, if it’s true.

“Immortality through having giant thumb-nipples.”

Just you and whoever’s crotch was on Sticky Fingers.

“Sure. So: you saw the flick, huh?”

Yeah. Dug it.

“What was your take-away?”

Literally every single thing in your life has gone right except for one thing.

“Little bit, yeah, maybe. I try to look at, you know, the wholeness of the thing and be okay with it.”

Your family seems very nice.

“Thank you, yeah – they’re all right. I like ’em.”

Your kids will have a different childhood than you did.

“I hope! Yeah. Yeah, I hope so. Besides: no more circuses to run off with.”


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  1. It was Mick’s. As one of the forefathers of public displays of potato salad (PDPS?) surely Bobby researched that fact. Also, surely Bobby hired Herb Greene to replicate that album cover featuring himself. I imagine if you were at all acquainted with Bobby in 1972, you received the results of that photo shoot in the mail, autographed. If you were of the female persuasion, it also said “This could be yours. Interested?”

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