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Busy as a beaver, Enthusiasts, whether it’s a dam-building beaver or a beaver engaged in various pornographies. Posts tonight? Maybe. We’ll know about the future when it becomes the past, I suppose.

For the bored among you:

LISTEN: 6/28/76 from the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. Big ol’ Eyes, disco Dancin’, jammed-out first set Scarlet Begonias.

READ: Worlds collide when Lost Live Dead interviews Jesse Jarnow about black-market vinyl.

WATCH: A perfectly surreal episode of a sadly forgotten sitcom, Newsradio:

Or you could talk to your families or something.


  1. Another excellent article Corry.

    • Thanks Spencer. Grateful Dead taping really got its start with bootleg lps, which all of us old timers like to pretend to forget. That’s where the prohibition on never paying for GD music came from, paying for bootleg lps with white covers. Jesse Jarnow’s book is the first publication to really talk about it

  2. Oh I get it..

    ToTD, talks about Corry, talking about Jesse..

    What’s next? Buck Mulligan, changing history to talk about Jesse talking about Corry, talking about David Gans? Then David Browne tells us that ancient art and the Templars created Jerry?

    It is pretty obvious to the appropriately aware that ToTD remains anonymous, because he is not so much a person as a money grabbing entity created out of our shared energy that he steals from us using internet cookies.

    I have found that using adblocker, a cookie cleanse, followed by a juice fast followed by reading Grateful Dean while tripping on MBOMe blocks his power to control our mind.

    Then you make a $7.77 donation , and he will melt like the wicked witch.

  3. On a serious note, I have a soft spot in my heart for the old bootleg days. I never bought many, but it was a neat thing to find in the record store.

    And it is a good article.

  4. Luther Von Baconson

    March 31, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    heard this cat today. liked it.

  5. Listening to 2/22/74 at work, doing weld inspection reports.

  6. Queued up the 6/28/76 Eyes. Do I win a prize?

  7. Listening to the show while watching NewsRadio on mute. Almost as good as Corry’s article. Well maybe not almost as good but definitely surreal. Poor man’s Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz sorta thing.

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