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Teach A Man To Kingfish…

bobby kingfish

Bobby had one rule: someone in the band had to wear a shirt with the name of the band on it. Otherwise, he got confused and thought he was in the Jackson Five and no one wanted another blackface incident.

(Also: did George Lucas rip off Kingfish’s logo for the Rebel Alliance insignia, or the other way around?)



  1. When did Bob stop having crazy/intense/estimated prophet eyes? About the time he grew the giant beard?

  2. This is an important question. I showed this to a Star Wars expert (my kid), and he agreed: Something is kingfishy. Whose came first, Bob’s or George’s? Kingfish got together in ’74 and the album came out in ’76, when Star Wars was in production … hmmm … I think if it can be proven that George dunnit, Bob will get a share of the Star Wars loot, his kids will have their college fund, and the SBDs can go back up on IA. So this is a matter of great importance, not only to Star Wars scholars, but to everyone.

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