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Thank You, Leon

Six weeks left in the year.

You think 2016 has a finale planned?
Something big and loud to send us off with?
Fireworks and laser lights,
And a basket of rose petals
Chucked into the crowd
By a Hells Angel
In a helmet made from a bear’s skull?

We ain’t seen nothing yet.


  1. Damn. Saw Bobby do this with JRAD last night.

  2. Luther Von Baconson

    November 13, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    homewood & vine

  3. Loneliness is such a sad affair..

    Shine a light..

  4. what a great song. it was awesome at alpine valley after I completely lost my mind on that hill. bobby brought me back to reality after space

    • I had a kid from a few seats down at the Indianapolis Dead N Co show to ask me what that song was.

      Really, is it like 2016 and someone can grow up not knowing a “Hard Rain’s gonna fall”? Makes sense I guess.

      • personally felt the song was way appropriate due to current political climate (there seems to be somethin not right in the air) I thought deer ck was lackin energy though it use to be my favorite venue but I wanted to reply to previously made comment last night. in my drunken ignorance I hadn’t realized the master of both time and space had passed, two true legends one week. rockin out with Leon even before I got into the Dead. he would frequently play Gilly’s in Dayton, Ohio not to be confused with Gilley’s in Texas. he was one of a kind. love for Leon.

      • Same thing happened to me after JRAD on Saturday. I was waiting for my son outside and a kid struck up a conversation about the show. He asked me if I knew the first song Bobby sang and I gave him the cliff notes. I figure as long as these old songs are being sung and heard, I guess that’s something.

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