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Thanks, Malcolm

Angus played the solos under the spotlight; Angus wore the funny costume and shook his ass for the crowds.

Malcolm planted his feet by the drum kit and played the riffs, and riffs are what AC/DC songs are made of.


  1. The singers & lead guitarists usually get the attention & accolades, but you don’t have to convince me that Malcolm was the most crucial member of AC/DC. I always regret not trying harder to see them in 1980, but I didn’t drive and my parents didn’t want to pick me up. I should have walked the 4 miles. RIP

    • Lucky enough, I saw them in 1979..

      Big Stadium show with many acts, all day.. so it was not like I set out to see AC/DC. However, there they where and my 16 year old self could see that AC/DC had something going on.

      I walked out on Ted Nugent later that day. Maybe should give AC/DC the credit for that.. perhaps the contrast between the 2 made me say.. “Fuck this guy”.

      One thing I remember was how fucked up everyone was, I was a pretty straight kid. The rest of the thousands?? Not so straight. They were fucked up.. seriously fucked up. Was it Ludes, or some other pill of the time?

      Really fucked up folks in the hot sun.. more or less scared me straight.

      But yeah.. many bands, AC/DC stood out.

  2. Loudest show I ever heard.

    And then late in the set, they played “For Those About to Rock” . . . And the cannons made it even louder.

    Holy shit, were they a great live band.

  3. Saw them in 1981 and then again in 1991. Man they were fucking loud. Never saw ‘em with Bon though. Closest I came was a special showing of “Let There Be Rock” in the Uptown Theater, Washington DC with full concert PA. Malcolm was the riffmeister. He told the rest of the band in which order to play those 3 chords. Ride On.

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