Bobby Picture Pose #2. Nice. A classic.

“Yeah, sure. Hadn’t pulled this one out of the fanny pack in a while.”

No, you mostly stuck to Bobby Picture Pose #1 this tour.

“Glowering with murderous intent.”


“Love that one.”

You’re good at it.

“You bet. So, uh, who’s this guy? He’s talking to me in a non-rando way.”

That’s Andy Cohen.

“The English guy in the hat?”

You’re thinking of Andy Capp.


Andy Cohen owns Bravo, or something.

“Like, the exclamation?”

No, not the exclamation “Bravo,” the teevee network.

“What do they show on that station?”

Shitty people being shitty to each other shittily.

“Reality teevee?”


“I get enough reality in, you know, actual reality. Too much, sometimes. Don’t feel the need to add more via the boob tube.”

I’m with you.

“Sure, sure. Uh, how do my eyes look?”

Like you’ve been a Grateful Dead for 50 years.

“Makes sense.”