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The Awesome Power Of A Fully Operational Grateful Dead

CHICAGO, IL- JULY 05:  Trey Anastasio, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Jeff Chimenti and Bruce Hornsby of The Grateful Dead perform during the "Fare Thee Well, A Tribute To The Grateful Dead" on July 5, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)


“Power at 80%. Transfilaments stable and poly-connected.”


“Targets locked on and painted.”


“Political support for Weapon Use is strong and rising.”


“92%. Helium-3 has super-cooled and baked into the Infinite Goddamn. Ready to fire in 10 seconds.”


“Ready to fire.”



“Step out of the path of the super-weapon, please.”

“Are we doing that now?”


“Not second set?”


“My bad.”







“Targets destroyed. Nothing but burned Red Sox caps.”

“Heart, you tell the people about how we cleared the Nitrous Mafia from the lot.”

“Yes, sir.”


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