Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The Biggest Little Rock Star In The Band


“Do I sing? Fuck yeah, I sing: I BELT, motherfucker. I sing of arms, and the man. I sing sweetly and lightly, daily and nightly, til the breaka breaka dawn, y’all.

“My aim is true, and I aim for truth. I learned more from a three-minute record than I ever did at school. Granted, that record was The Monster Mash, but I gleaned my harsh education from the teat of a she-beast I named Julie.


“Parched you come, and I alone slake your thirst. Hungered are you, and my nipples by themselves can feed a small arena. I am your rock and roll Jesus and I tell you now: eat me up, Reno! NOM NOM NOM.”

Phil, you wanna do something about this?

“No. Fuck him. I told him the proper dosage was not a handful, but he didn’t want to listen.”



  1. Alright, admit it. You were a classics and philosophy double major in college, weren’t you.

  2. Briefly, for the four shows in Europe in March 81. They should never have given Hunter of all people access to Time Sheath technology.

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