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The Bob Is Back In Town

Hey, buddy. Good to see you.

“Rough day or so.”

Look at you, already back to doing hand-on-chin.

“Well, you know: I am a professional.”

Never said different. What happened?

“Didn’t vet my tacos extremely enough.”

Oh, you gotta vet the shit out of those things.

“Just until you know what’s going on, yeah. Turned into a bit of a sprinkler.”

Not optimal.

“No, no. Worst part was Billy kept kicking the bathroom door open and taking pictures.”

That sounds terrible.

“Wait, no. Not the worst part.”

Please don’t say–

“Puke kept getting stuck to my beard.”

–puke kept…ew. Well, everyone’s glad you’re okay.

“You bet. Hey, uh, question.”


“They letting us back into the country?”

You, yes. String Cheese, no.

“I’m fine with that.”

Everyone is.


  1. Did Bobby dye his hair for the premier?

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