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The Bobbit: There And Back Again

“Is the bar over there?”

“No, sir.”

“Where I’m pointing.”

“I see where you’re pointing, sir.”

“I could point with both hands.”

“That would make no appreciable difference, sir.”

“Huh. Tell me, why does your beard do that?”

“Do what, sir?”

“It all stops growing at a regular length.”

“Because I trim it, sir.”

“Wow. 2018.”



Are you stuck in the gifting suite?

“I tried leaving, but I’m apparently in some sort of ‘Hotel California’ situation right now.”

You wanna go to the Grammys now?

“Yeah, why not?”

There ya go, buddy.

“This is great.”

And you found a friend.

“Paul Shaffer’s been working out.”

I think that’s legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff. Or maybe Stanley Tucci.

“Could be the Tooch.”

Are you wearing a scarf? I can’t see in this picture.

“Hold on.”

“That better?”

Much. You’re a scarf guy now?

“Josh has really been selling me on the virtue of unnecessary clothing.”



His name is Juanes, and he is a singer.

“Thank you. I feel kinda weird.”




“Dammit, I’m back.”

What happened?

“Some, uh, realities are more magnetic than others.”

That makes no sense.

“And yet I’m not wearing my scarf anymore.”



  1. Man, Aronoff is sporting Steve Garvey’s arm.

  2. That guy in the last photo can not help but stare at Bobby’s hair and wonder how something like that happens.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    January 31, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Peggy Lee looking pretty Hep these days

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