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The Caper We Go, The Codder We Get

Think fast: does the disco arrangement of Dancing in the Streets start with the chorus or the verse?

If it took you a second, then you’re in good company: the band didn’t know, either. And, true to form, they made the bold decision to (seemingly deliberately) never learn the answer, instead choosing to have several people singing one version and several people singing the other every single time they played the song.

It wasn’t even a technical/rehearsal thing, like when they fucked up Slipknot!: that song was geniuinely tough.

This could have been solved with one group-text. 

Also, the rest of the song–and the show–is decent: 10/27/79 in Cape Cod.


  1. Dancin’ in the streets of Hyannis! Play-play-plaaaaay!

    (Why do all bands from here suck?)

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